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    but i’m tired

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    The Cursed Phone Number


    The story goes:
    This number is known as “Sadako’s Number” and when you dial it you are supposed to be able to hear some strange, creepy noise, like “bwooo.”  

    They say that the person who calls this number will meet some kind of accident within a week.

    The number will probably only work in Japan, but you can try calling it by using Japanese country code +81. 

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    By the time you recieve this 
    By the time you get this letter 
    I’m sorry, I meant to write much sooner 
    The nights seem even longer 
    I’m thinking of when I kissed you 

    We’ll walk together 
    We’ll find that place 

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    NY. Brooklyn-based photographer Maciek Jasik (facebook) - “Photography has flooded our world with images of ourselves. We are accustomed to seeing and assessing images of people constantly, most of whom are celebrities or strangers we will never meet or know. We instantly affix attributes, most often based on attractiveness or fashion. In the 19th century, photography allowed painting to pull away from detail to focus on an emotional response to reality. With ‘Bypassing the Rational,’ I am knowingly retreating from the details which draw and entice us, and which allow us to judge. Seeing every pore, every scar and sag is not a route to intimacy: it is a pretence. Instead, the focus only reaches part of the figure. The rest is a blur in a vibrant, limitless sea of color, a confluence of emotions and feelings: this evokes the traces of memory we have for each other. The limited focus demonstrates our inability to ever fully understand each other. This action becomes so pronounced, genders can be difficult to discern: even the basics can’t be taken for granted…”

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    Well, this is a fucking boring apocalypse.

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